Tuesday, July 15

steps 4 and 5

I guess this could have been just about any step in the process, but Brian and his dad installed my outside outlet tonight (for the pond pump). As a bonus, an extra outlet was installed, so that's cool. We didn't have any outlets in the back, so this is a good thing.

I worked on putting more rocks around the coping shelf of the pond. I'm pretty much done because I'm about out of rocks. Well, I'm about out of rocks that could be used for this particular phase. I have some nice, big rocks I'm going to put on the hillside and in a few other locations. I also have some large flat ones that I'm going to use for the stream (yes, I'm expanding the project already and installing a stream). I should have a picture soon--I still need to fill in the empty spaces with the river rock. I'd like to have that done before the weekend so that I can spend the weekend landscaping the hillside and designing the stream.

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