Sunday, July 27

pond update

We haven't made much progress with the pond lately, but that's about to change tomorrow. We ran out of fieldstone, so we were pretty much at a standstill. But, Brian went to his parent's today and got some more rocks for me (they are replacing a fieldstone path with pavers), so now I'm ready to go. Hopefully, I'll have time to finish the stream area tomorrow night.

We have done a few things here and there--I planted a couple of yucca plants over the weekend. We picked up some submersible lighting and installed that yesterday evening. Brian drained the pond the other night and cleaned it out...

I still need to grab a few hosta plants from the office (they're growing around the garage that we will be tearing down soon). I need to grab a few plants from the nursery as well. And I need for Brian to strategically place some rocks on the hillside. After the plants and rocks, I'll be able to mulch (this time, we'll be buying it by the truckload--I plan on mulching the entire side of the yard from the dog area to the property line in the back yard). Oh, and we need to get some fish, too, but I'm going to wait till the middle/end of the week since we just refilled the pond over the weekend. So, I guess there's still lots to do, but there is definitely a light at the end of this tunnel.

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