Sunday, July 27

the office

I haven't had an office update in a while, so no better time than the present, eh? The office has been functional for quite a while. There are a few little things to tie up, but the two major items that remain are the bathroom and kitchen. We started on the bathroom last weekend. I was all set to remove the ugly tile from the walls only to find out it wasn't tile at all--it was plastic made to look like tile and was set in a thick layer of mastic. This proved all but impossible to get off the wall, so we're just going to glue some paneling over it and call it done. The only issue was the shower because the "tile" comes up higher in that area. So, Brian and Jake spent all of yesterday morning removing the tile from that area. While they were doing that, I painted the foyer.

I think the bathroom project is going to come together quickly (at least that's what I keep saying). We ran over there for a few minutes this evening so I could patch the shower area. This is going to take a few coats of joint compound for sure. At least it doesn't take long to do. I'm hoping to have the room ready by next weekend so we can paint the remaining walls and ceiling.

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