Tuesday, July 8

garden pond: steps 2 & 3

Brian finished digging out the pond last night. It looks pretty cool already. I stopped at Westwood Garden Haven on my way home from work this afternoon and picked up pond supplies--namely a liner, pump, filter, and a couple of bags of river rock.

Before installing the liner, we had to put a layer of sand on all of the flat surfaces. Then, we covered all surfaces with some old carpeting (thanks to the office renovations, there's no shortage of that). Brian handled cutting the carpeting, so that went pretty quickly. I thought it was going to take a lot longer. The next step was to lay the liner in the pond and fill it up.

I couldn't be more happy with the progress we're making. The next step will be to work on the waterfall. I'll probably wait for the weekend for that. It will involve a lot of heavy lifting (rocks) and some engineering as well--I'm totally winging it. So, I want to wait and work on it when I actually have a few hours to spare.

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