Monday, July 21

garden pond: step 6ish

I guess we should have taken multiple photos of this next step. It really didn't take that long to do, though. Over the weekend, Brian graded the dirt on the hill and then dug out a small stream. This evening, he dug out some shelves in it for the large stones, we lined the stream with sand and the pond liner, and then put the large stones and some smaller river stones on the liner.

The stream and waterfall are currently in working order. I still have to trim around the edges of the stream, but other than that, it's done.

Oh yeah, I bought some plants for the pond, too (last week). It seemed like a lot of plants when I was buying them, but once I put them in the pond, I realized that I only had about the 1/4 of the amount I needed. Seeing that summer is already half over, I'm not going to buy any more till next year--most of the ones I bought, you need to buy each year, anyway, so no sense in wasting any more money this year.

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