Monday, July 21

all grown up

We haven't had a Buster update in a while. He's not so little anymore (he's the one on the right--with the spiked collar). He has deservedly earned the nickname "Buster Maniac". While he has definitely settled down some since puppyhood, he is still a lot to deal with.

His main problem is barking--he suffers acutely from separation anxiety. We finally resorted to buying a bark collar a few weeks ago and the damned thing is not working anymore (I think he might have worn it out). He was doing pretty well with it, as we found out this evening. I've been putting the collar on him in the evenings and taking him outside while gardening or working on the pond. Tonight it was totally not working. It looked like it was working, but it wasn't doling out any corrections. I had to bring him in the house because he just would not stop barking.

On the plus side, he sleeps a lot more these days and doesn't have many accidents in the house (99% of them occur when we're not home and he is confined).


JC said...

So what you're saying is you're ready for another puppy?

Angela said...

Never! And, I mean it this time...