Saturday, July 5

30 days of night

This movie was a real snoozer. The premise sounded promising enough--a group of vampires descends upon an Alaskan village that is just about to enter a period of 30 days without sunlight. You would think someone could make a good movie out of this. However, the characters in the film were unlikeable (well, not so much unlikeable, but you just don't get invested in them). And the vampires were about as boring as vampires can get--nothing but sucking blood. The movie wasn't all that suspenseful, either. And, it was too long.

The only high point was Ben Foster's character. I didn't really like him on Six Feet Under (his character was really annoying, but I guess he played it well). He was really creepy in this movie. I've seen him in a few other things recently and have come to the conclusion that the guy is a really good actor.

I'm going to have to start paying more attention to movie reviews so I don't get stuck watching more crap like this.

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