Sunday, June 1

sunday gardening

This evening, I planted some cilantro seeds in the herb garden. I should have planted these in the spring, but I'm a little behind this year, in case you haven't noticed. Hopefully they will at least sprout. I still have slots for three more herbs, but I'm going to have to find some plants somewhere because I don't have any other herb seeds to plant. I need to make a cocoa mulch run this week, so hopefully Ray's Nursery will still have some herb plants left.

After that, I finished planting my garden. I threw in one of my zucchini plants that survived, my two sad looking pumpkin plants that were left, some muskmelon seeds (because my plants died--a recurring theme this year), and my pepper plants (which looked great). After almost two hours of garden bliss, it was time to return to the confines of the house and get some other work done.

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