Sunday, June 29

garden update

Despite my lack of dedication this year, my garden is doing pretty well. My previously sickly tomatoes are now flourishing; the peppers are looking good; there are some little zucchini growing; the potato plants are looking great. I have plenty of weeds this year, though. Ray's was charging $10 a bag for my beloved cocoa mulch. That seemed out of hand, so I didn't buy any mulch this year. Luckily for me, there doesn't seem to be a need to conserve water as it has been raining every day. And I have plenty of water in my new rain barrel (it holds 65 gallons and was filled within minutes of our first storm) even if there was a shortage. I do have some extra straw, so I'll probably mulch around some of the plants when I get around to it.

Next up: a garden pond. This project may be starting as early as next weekend. Stay tuned.

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