Tuesday, June 17

ahh, gardening

I got to work in the yard/garden for about two hours this evening. It was nice. I did a lot of things: capped the garden wall, hooked up the new rain barrel, planted herbs, put the solar lighting in the butterfly garden, weeded some of the garden, etc.

My garden is a raised bed, made up of retaining wall blocks. I put it in quite a while ago (the year Jake was born, if I remember correctly). I've been wanting to cap the wall for years and finally did so tonight. It looks pretty good, but there are some blocks I need to reset and I didn't get to that tonight.

I ordered a rain barrel a few weeks ago. It finally arrived last week. I hooked it up to the downspout on the patio. Too bad I didn't do this before Saturday because it would probably be full right now. Supposedly using rainwater is better for your plants. I don't really know if it is or not, but I do like the looks of this rain barrel in comparison to the others I have seen. Plus, it has a planter on the top, so I planted a few things in that tonight, too.

My herb garden is finally complete. I picked up a couple of plants last night and put those in this evening. I also was pleasantly surprised to find that my tarragon came back this year. It's a little behind, but at least it's growing.

As for my garden...every year I have high hopes for it. It usually does pretty well, but I'm often left disappointed in one aspect or another. This year, however, I have lowered my expectations to the point where if I get anything, I will be happy. Too much is going on for me to pay much attention to it, so I'll just be thankful for what I get.

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