Wednesday, May 21

still here (sort of)

I would blog, but the only thing I do is go to work and then work on the building. This weekend, I have some social plans up my sleeve, so you might get to hear about something else if I have the time to blog.

Tonight, I had a bunch of people scheduled once again--Brent did some electrical work; my dad assembled a few office chairs; Brian and Judy started painting office #2; Brian's dad worked on the trim in office #1, while I started painting the trim in the hall; and Carol, bless her heart, finished cleaning the bathroom (might I say, the closet was quite disgusting before she cleaned it).

I was feeling slightly crappy this evening (I think the stress is finally getting to me), so I cut out early, came home for a few minutes and did nothing before I had to leave again to pick up Jake, Brian, and Alice.

Assuming I feel better tomorrow, which I probably will, I'll be putting on my networking hat and setting up the network equipment. I've done this countless times at home (and even bought the same hardware for the office), so it should go quickly. If so, I'll probably pick up a paintbrush and work on some more trim, as most of the weekend is reserved for getting the office usable (like setting up the desks). That should be a lot more fun than painting!

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