Sunday, May 11

jake's birthday party

We had Jake's 8th birthday party yesterday. We learned a few important lessons, the main one being to invite fewer kids next year. Jake invited 13 kids and 12 showed up. I wasn't expecting quite that turnout particularly since another kid in his class was having a party the same day and his parents rented a local hall for the event.

This year our luck ran out in regards to the weather. So, we had all of these kids in the house wreaking havoc. Actually, Brian had a bunch of games planned, so things went smoothly for the most part. After the pizza and cake, it was nice enough to go outside, where the kids played some more games. Brian started running out of things to do about 30 minutes before it ended, but he somehow managed to stretch things out until the parents starting picking up the kids.

Jake said it was his best birthday ever, but he says that every year.

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Lori :-) said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!