Tuesday, May 13

garden time

I got in a little garden time this evening. I planted some more carrots and some beets and did a little weeding. Brian was cutting the grass while I was gardening, so I did some trimming as well and then started in on the herb garden, which is out of control. But, at least I'm all caught up on the vegetable end of things. Next stop: Memorial Day weekend.

After gardening, I bit the bullet and repotted approximately 48 pepper plants I had growing under the grow lights. Now there are plants strewn all over the house. Luckily, Brian's dad is taking his plants tomorrow so that will lighten the load a little bit.

Between now and Memorial Day, I'm looking forward to doing some general landscaping. This year's focus is what to do with the area around the garden. It's surrounded by grass, but a mower can't fit on the paths. I think it's time to replace that area with another substrate. But, what?

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