Wednesday, May 28

dirt therapy

I spent the evening working in the herb garden. It's now edged and weeded. Tomorrow, I'd like to finish it off. I don't have nearly enough herbs to fill it so now I need to decide whether to go out and buy some more plants or try some of the herb seeds that I have. Or a little of both. I got to spend about two hours outside. I could've easily spent another two, but there are other things to do around here, so I can't be greedy. Tomorrow is another day.

I do have some deadlines in mind as far as getting the yard in order. We're not planning on doing much entertaining this year given how busy we've been. But, we are having both sets of parents over for a Father's Day celebration this year, so I'm trying to get as much as possible done before then. I like to have these little deadlines--it is good motivation.

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