Sunday, May 25


I got to spend a good chunk of my weekend in the Connellsville area. Yesterday, I attended a baby shower at the Pleasant Valley Country Club for the wife of one of Brian's cousins. The shower was very nice. The size of the group was perfect and we didn't have to play a bunch of games (there were games, just not a bunch). The mom-to-be made quite a haul.

This morning, the three of us headed back in that general direction to attend a 60th birthday party for Brian's aunt (the grandmother-to-be). It was held at a restaurant called Nino's. Brunch was good, but they had a weird selection of food (it ranged from stuffed chicken breasts, to fish sticks to scrambed eggs). It was nice to not have to cook. As busy as we've been, I don't argue with meals out.

It sure is a nice ride out to that area. Brian wanted to take the bikes, which would've been nice, but I just wasn't into the logistics of finding Jake a ride there. As a consolation prize, I told Brian we'd take a ride tomorrow afternoon after putting in a morning shift at the building. So, this will probably guarantee rain for Memorial Day. Sorry about that.

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