Wednesday, April 16


The peppers and tomatoes are sprouting, it was darn near 70 degrees outside today, spring is in the air!

I stopped by Westwood Garden Haven on my way home from work this evening and picked up some seed potatoes, onion sets and broccoli and Brussels sprouts seedlings, so I'm ready to start planting. The potatoes and onions will go into the garden first, and then everything else will follow.

This evening, I planted some "giant" pumpkin and muskmellon (kinda like a cantaloupe) seeds. I'm running out of room in my little seed planting area. I knew I should have purchased the larger grow light system...

I did a little experiment with Buster (aka the "Bane to Productivity") this evening. I tied him out in the back yard and then proceeded to do a few things out there. He was able to entertain himself for the duration of my experiment. I'm hoping this carries over into a longer period of time--I'd like to spend at least an hour outside tomorrow evening working in the yard. If this pans out, I will be golden for the summer. If not, I guess I'll have to listen to the strains of him barking from his crate in the living room. Not quite as relaxing as I'd like, but things need to be done.

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Lori :-) said...

I feel your pain with Buster. If I leave Benson in his crate and he knows we are outside, he cries the blues, scratches, and carries on like someone is killing him. But, if we are outside, digging in the dirt, then HE has to dig in the dirt as well. Holes to China. Don't let Buster know that, or your yard will look like ours. And it ain't pretty.