Sunday, April 27

building: progress edition

We have a new motivation for working hard at the building--Brian's first employee has been hired and will start in about a month.

Last week, I started painting the reception area. I have one wall left, along with the trim and that room will be done! Well, it needs a new floor, too. But, as soon as I'm done painting, we can get to that.

Brian has been focusing on the electrical work. He has all of the can holes cut into the ceilings (there were no small number of these) and started installing the cans this evening. It's really starting to look like something around there.

Given our tight deadline, I've started cashing in my favors. Judy came over tonight and cleaned the walls in office #2. That was a big help--those rooms take a lot longer to do than you'd think. Now, I can get to patching the walls and eventually paint in there.

The building definitely will not be "done" by the end of next month, but it should be workable by that point if I have my way.

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