Wednesday, March 19

the un-update

Just checking in. Nothing has been going on here. Seriously. My life completely revolves around three things: my new job, the puppy, and Brian's business.

It's not that my new job is requiring overtime or anything. But, I have to get up earlier than I did before in order to show up in the office by 8am. Due to that, I'm also going to bed a little earlier. And, I get off work later than previously since I now take a lunch break. So, all told, I'm probably losing around 2 hours a day just because of my new job.

Then there's the puppy. What a little time waster! He sleeps a lot during the day for Brian, but by mid afternoon, he's raring to go. And, since Brian has to watch the puppy all day, I watch him in the evenings. He usually doesn't settle down until around 8:30 and it's nearly impossible to get anything done while you are watching him. This evening, I actually made Jake do some of my work (vacuuming). Not a bad trade-off, if you really think about it. Of course, Buster won't be a puppy forever, so I'll at least get this part of my life back someday soon (in a year or less if I'm lucky).

As for Brian's business, that's another story. I've been doing the books and a few other administrative things for him, so that takes up a few hours of my time on the weekends and a little during the week, too. But, I actually enjoy doing this type of work--it's a nice change of pace. And, given my ultimate goal of eventually working full-time for Brian, it's a step in the right direction. But, the real time sucker is the building we just bought. It needs so much work and there's so little time. I need to sit down tonight and make up a schedule to see what we're up against. That way, we can plan what little extra time we have, accordingly.

So, while things are much busier than I'd like right now, once we get over a few humps, it will be smooth sailing.

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