Thursday, March 13

a quick building update

I was hoping for an April 1st opening, but that's not going to happen. The April 1 date was more wishful thinking on my part than anything else. The electrical work scheduled for the building needs to be done before Brian can take occupancy. So far, most of the supplies for that project have been purchased, but the work has not been started yet. Since it's almost the middle of the month, this pretty much eliminates the April 1st opening. So, now I'm shooting for May 1.

We've gone over there to work a few times. There's still much to do. I'm holding off on the painting until the electrical work is roughed in (just in case any wall damage is incurred). We've started cleaning and patching the walls/ceilings, but only one room is completely done. Everything always takes longer than you'd think...

We ran into one bad thing so far. There is oak flooring throughout the building. It is currently covered under carpeting. Well, the room that is going to be the reception area apparently had some water damage at some point and a large area of the floor was replaced with particleboard. Yikes! So, that's one more thing that needs to be addressed. We'll probably end up putting laminate flooring in that room (like we're going to do in the bathroom and kitchen). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the two office floors are intact.

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