Saturday, March 22

pre-easter dinner

Brian's parents invited us over for an early Easter dinner this evening. My parents, Brian's grandmother, and our niece were also there. We had a nice dinner along with some good wine--if you're a red wine lover, check out the red wine blend from Menage A Trois--you won't regret it! Jake, who stayed at the Law's the past two nights, decided to go home with my parents, so here we are alone at home again. We won't be having an evening out, though, because we're going to the sunrise service at our church tomorrow morning (at 6:30am). I figure Buster has us up at 5:30am anyway, so might as well go to church. The alternative is to go to the later service which lasts FOREVER on Easter and is jam-packed. But, since we now don't have to get Jake up at that ungodly hour, it's probably worth the effort to go to the earlier service.

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