Sunday, March 23

easter sunday

The day started off earlier than I would prefer--around 5:30am. We got up and went to the 6:30am sunrise service at our church. After that, we came home and grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast, read the newspaper, etc. Then, it was time to get to work. We headed upstairs to do our respective Prime Design Solutions work. Mine (office management type stuff) always takes longer than I give it credit for, so I didn't finish up for 2 hours. By that point, it was almost time to leave to pick up my grandmother and go to my parent's for Easter dinner.

We had a nice dinner, but had to cut out a little earlier than usual (thanks to Buster). Brian drove, so I caught a couple of Z's on the trip home. After we got home, we all did our thing for a little while and then headed to Coleman Avenue to work on the building. We were only there for an hour, but I feel like we're seeing some progress finally.

This evening, I got to do some gardening. But, now I'm just relaxing a few moments before I go to bed.

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