Saturday, February 23

eastern promises

This was a really good flick. It starred Viggo Mortensen (who's quickly becoming one of my favorite actors) and was a story involving the Russian mob in London. Naomi Watts (another one of my favorites) was in it too, but she didn't have a very meaty role even though she was one of the main characters, a midwife. Anyway, the movie told a story of an unidentified young mother who died while giving birth. The midwife found a diary on the young woman, but it was written in Russian. A business card for a Russian restaurant was also found in the diary, so she went there in the hopes of having the diary translated and finding out who the unidentified mother was so that the family could be contacted regarding the baby that was born.

As it turns out the guy who owned the restaurant was the head of the Russian mob in London. The diary implicated him in some crimes and the shit pretty much hits the fan from that point on (mostly because the midwife had her Russian uncle also translate the diary, so she was in the know). And, there's a nice little twist at the end, too.

Great movie.

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