Monday, January 28

so tired

Having a puppy is like having a baby around. Exhausting. Buster is only getting up once or twice a night now, so it's an improvement, but still very tiring when you do it day after day after day. He's doing great with the house training, though. Yesterday, he didn't even have an accident. Really, I guess you could say I'm doing good with the house training because that's what it comes down to--how closely I can monitor him.

Back to the subject at hand. I'm especially tired today because last night at 3:15am, when I had to let Buster out, Alice was pacing the living room and shaking her head. I took a look in her ears and they were both inflamed and messy. By the time I got them cleaned out, gave her a Benadryl, and she went back to sleep, over an hour had passed. By that point I was wide awake and didn't get much sleep for the rest of the night. I was hoping to catch a nap before supper, but I ended up having to take Alice to see the vet and that didn't happen (double ear infection--I'm really starting to think this pet insurance thing might not be a bad idea). Then I wanted to take one this evening, but life got in the way. What can you do? I look forward to the day when Buster starts sleeping through the night. Hopefully it will happen before I start my new job (yeah, I got a new job--I start in three weeks).

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