Thursday, January 24

puppy, puppy, puppy

Puppy all the time.

I'm not getting a thing done thanks to Buster. Actually, I can't place the blame entirely on him. I spend most of my time keeping him away from the other dogs. Alice is quite tolerant of him (Buster has crowned Alice with the title of 'Mom', unfortunately for her), but Lizzy is definitely not interested in playing with a puppy. Things are improving, though. He's only getting up twice a night to go out (the one night, he only got up once). In general, he's doing well with the house training. I'd say he goes outside over half the time, though I haven't been keeping a formal count. Bear in mind that the little guy only turned 7 weeks old on Tuesday. So, I think that's pretty good. I'm sure things will be much better in a month.

He made his first visit to the veterinarian yesterday. As suspected, he has a belly full of worms. Blech. This is apparently our first dog that has been infested with roundworm because I don't remember seeing anything quite so disgusting coming out any of our other dogs. The vet also said that he should put on some weight. That much, I knew--he's not much of an eater. Hopefully once we get rid of these pesky worms, his appetite will improve. He's already gained a little weight since we brought him home so I guess he must be eating enough.

We've been keeping him in the office while we work. He sleeps most of the day, which is convenient. By the time work is over, he's raring to go.

We're still working on the crate training. I've been feeding him his meals in the crate and have started to leave him in there for a few minutes after eating. The three of us haven't left the house as a group since we got him so we haven't had to lock him up anywhere yet.

I've started an online photo album of Buster. We'll be taking a photo of him each week and noting his weight. I always wish I would've done this with Ripley because she grew at such an amazing pace. I'm sure Buster won't get as big as she was, but it'll still be fun to watch.

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