Thursday, January 17


Meet the newest member of our family, Buster. What?!? Another dog. Yes. I claim temporary insanity. It seemed like a great idea until an hour after I got home. Then the reality set in. But, things seem to be going pretty well now that Lizzy and Alice have settled down.

It all started last year when a bunch of people we knew got puppies. Jake really wanted one. It got us to talking. We finally talked so much that we decided to get a puppy this year. The argument was that if a boy wants a puppy, he should have one. It's nice that Jake gets to grow up with dogs, but there's something special about getting a dog that's a puppy and having it all of your childhood.

I initially wanted to wait till summer to get a puppy, but things are up in the air at my workplace and Brian will be working at his new office in a few months. Since we potentially could both be working outside the house soon, we decided to speed up the process.

So I started looking. I saw some great doberman/border collie mixes at the Altoona Humane society. In the few hours that passed between me seeing the photos and deciding to call about them, they were gone. So, I've been keeping an eye open since then. Yesterday, I saw some coonhound mixes listed for the Humane Society of Westmoreland County. They were bluetick mixes so they had three that were mottled and one that was black and tan. Jake and I were partial to the black and tan one. I wanted to get a male dog this time, and we didn't know which ones were which, so I took a ride out there this evening (Brian and Jake had to stay home because they had a scout meeting) and checked out the male pups. It just so happened that the black and tan one was one of them. I did my puppy personality testing on both and was leaning towards the black one. The other one seemed a little timid. But, then the black one started yipping and he was loud! So, I called home for some advice. Brian said, do not bring that barking dog home and Jake said that he wanted the black one, so here we are. Let's hope he stops barking soon or I'm going to be in trouble!

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