Sunday, January 20


Last night, Brian and I settled down in the living room with our drinks so we could watch a movie. Buster almost knocked my margarita over (it was sitting on the arm rest of the couch). I moved it to the coffee table and didn't have much better results there. He didn't discriminate either--he was equally interested in Brian's beer and margarita. Though he's not showing any interest in my cup of coffee this morning.

It was actually quite funny and it reminded us of our first dog, Snuffy (a miniature schnauzer). She used to knock drinks over and then lap them up. We're trying to avoid that with Buster. We don't like to waste alcohol around here. While this was funny, it's going to keep us on our toes, particularly when he gets bigger. At least we don't have to wonder what breed he is anymore for it is quite obvious he's a full-blooded Boozehound.

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