Saturday, December 1

'twas a hockey night in johnstown

Our friend Lish was able to snag some hockey tickets through work so she took the three of us, her boyfriend, Brent, and Brent's nephew to a game last night. The game started off pretty promising--there were quite a number of fights (that always makes it more interesting). Johnstown wasn't able to get many shots on goal, though, and the score remained 0 to 0 for quite a bit. The other team finally scored a goal so when it came down to the last minute or so, Johnstown pulled the goalie in a last ditch attempt to score. Unfortunately, the other team scored again. Even though the Chiefs lost, we still had a good time at the game.

Afterwards, Lish and Brent came over to our house to check out the bar. I whipped up a few snacks and we had some drinks. Brian and Brent played pool while Lish and I sat at the bar and talked. Before we knew it, it was 1AM! Brent had to go because he had to be at work at 7AM this morning. I was ready for bed at that point, anyway. It was definitely a fun evening and I'm starting to think our bar might be the hottest night spot in town.

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