Saturday, December 1

exciting times

We started looking for a property for Brian's business recently. The time to expand is now. Brian was hoping to get something downtown (preferably in the tech park area), but nothing has caught our eye down there yet. There are surprisingly few commercial properties available at the moment.

We checked out a property in Moxham the other week and found it to our liking. But, although it was originally a commercial building, it's now zoned residential, so a business can't be run out of it. Brian went to the city hall to inquire about getting the zoning changed, but no one seemed to think it would be possible. Our realtor, on the other hand, has been talking to someone else down there and he seems to think it's a possibility. So, we're in limbo until someone makes a decision.

The building needs some work, but the price is definitely right. It's not in bad shape, but it will need some updating. Plus, it was converted into a "house" years ago, so we'll have to redo the kitchen and bathroom to make them suitable for an office.

We took another look at the property this morning and made an offer on it (contingent upon the zoning change, of course). Now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope it works out. Wish us luck!

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