Tuesday, December 25

christmas eve and morning

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my parents. My mom wanted to do the Feast of the 7 Fishes, but given that only a few people were going to be there, I managed to talk her down to 5. Dinner was great, though. And, we came home with some extra crab cakes that we're going to eat for lunch.

Shortly after dinner, we got to open presents. Among other things, we got a lot of new books to read--I can't wait to check those out. Jake got some legos, a really cool magic kit and a bunch of other stuff.

Shortly after we got home last night, we went to the 10:30 service at our church. The "new" pastor didn't get the memo that this service was only supposed to be 50 minutes long, so we didn't get home until almost midnight. Brian and I stayed up till Jake fell asleep and then put the presents under the tree. It was 1:00 or 1:30 till we got to bed.

Jake was up bright and early at 7AM. At first, he thought Santa brought him a dirt bike (which is the thing he covets the most). Then, he said it was too big, so it must be a motorcycle. After uncovering it, he discovered it was just a bicycle (a chopper bicycle, that is). But ever the positive boy, he said that was even better. And, it wasn't from Santa, either, by the way. So, he was wrong on all counts. He then opened the rest of his gifts. Other highlights were Guitar Hero II and a spy kit (that Santa really knows what the boy wants). After that, Brian and I went back to bed while Jake played with his toys and worked on one of the lego kits he got last night.

A few hours later, we finally got up. We don't have to be anywhere till later this afternoon, so I guess we'll just spend the day playing with our new toys.

Merry Christmas!

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