Tuesday, December 25

christmas day

We went to my in-laws for supper today. They had a pretty big crowd as our niece was there with her whole crew. I've been feeling kind of crappy the past few days. Unfortunately today wasn't any different. Due to this, we arrived late, but just in time for dinner. I didn't eat much, but what I had was good. After dinner, it was time to open the presents. This year's gifts can be summed up as follows: cooking, grilling, and drinking. As it happens, those are three of my favorite things, so all of those gifts will be sure to get a workout.

We didn't get home till after 9. Jake couldn't wait to play guitar hero again, but he had some things to do when we got home, so I was nice and let him stay up till 11 (actually, I think he still might be awake). Brian's currently crashed out in the chair by the fireplace. And, I'm about to do one of my favorite Christmas pastimes--inventorying my loot.

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