Sunday, November 18

inland empire

This was the latest film from David Lynch. It appears to have had a pretty limited theater run so we had to wait for the DVD release for this movie.

Like most David Lynch movies, this was a jumbled mess of stuff that didn't make sense. It did make me think a lot of Mulholland Drive, though. Perhaps it was the Hollywood connection.

I won't even try to summarize the plot, because that is not possible, but the main character was played by Laura Dern, who oftentimes has this expression on her face. So, we invented a new drinking game--every time you see that expression, you take a drink. As you might have noticed, that picture was taken from one of her Jurassic Park movies, so this game can be played while watching other Laura Dern movies, if David Lynch isn't your cup of tea. Unfortunately for us, by playing the drinking game, it took us two weeks to watch the movie because we kept passing out from our alcohol intake. Not really. But, it did take 2 nights because the movie was 3 hours long. It probably would've been better to watch it in one sitting, but I've got things to do.

And like most David Lynch movies, I'll have to ruminate over this one for a bit (and maybe watch it again) before I form a real opinion on it.

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