Thursday, November 29

i'm a big girl now

I drove a coworker and myself to the Pittsburgh airport and back for our trip to Chicago. It went off without a hitch. This was my first time driving to/from Pittsburgh. It did help to have a navigator--it's tough for me to read directions while driving.

The trip was ok. We even made it to Chicago earlier than expected, but we took a shuttle to the RSNA and it took forever to get there, so we ended up there later than expected--we got there in time for lunch. Afterwards, our manager gave us the tour. And, I was able to find out from him why we were sent--they always send the new employees. So, I shouldn't have to do this again next year. We managed to run into a few of our former coworkers. It was nice to see them again. We were only at the conference for a few hours before it was time to head to the hotel. We got checked in, cleaned up, and then headed out to a Fuji-sponsored party at the Chicago House of Blues. Fuji brought in RPM as the entertainment. Musically, they were good, but their song selection was more suited to the 40 and over crowd. There was this one guy from Fuji that joined the band for a song in each of their sets and he was really, really good. I would've rather listened to him sing all night. He did R&B style music and was definitely the best singer there of the evening.

The next day, we didn't have to be at the conference till 10am, which was good because it gave us an opportunity to catch up on our sleep. We caught breakfast at Panera--yum. We could use one of these in Johnstown! We headed to the conference for another few hours. We walked around looking for swag for Jake (not much was to be found) and poorly created marketing materials for Brian's "potential client file" (there was plenty of that to go around from the smaller vendors). Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and also time to go back to the airport. The airplane ride home was a bit bumpy, but otherwise ok. Till I dropped my coworker off in Somerset and got home it was after 10pm. It was a tiring couple of days.

Unfortunately, due to the short nature of the trip, we didn't get to explore any of the city. I definitely would like to go back there some day (on vacation) and check things out. It looks like it would be a nice place to visit.


Lori :-) said...

Did you know there is a Panera in Altoona now?

Angela said...

I did not know that. Between that and the fact that the majority of Brian's clients are in Altoona, maybe we should move there. :)

Laura said...

The 40 and over crowd? Her-hum! :-)

Angela said...

OK. OK. The 40 and over crowd with poor taste in music.