Friday, November 23

i like not working

I so much enjoyed being off work today. My paid time off being cut in half because of switching jobs this year really makes me appreciate the days I am off. I didn't even do anything exciting today. Actually, I did most of my Saturday work (laundry), so that pretty much frees up tomorrow. No naps today, unfortunately. I got plenty of sleep the past two nights. If I keep this up, I'll be up all night Sunday. I got to do some fun stuff too, like reading and playing pool. Brian had to work, but he's not adverse to a lunchtime game or three of pool. I also spent a bunch of money while shopping on the internet today (some of it was Christmas shopping), so it's not like I would be happily unemployed or anything. I just really need to win the powerball.


Lori :-) said...

Sorry Laws, the Powerball is MINE. But, I'll be taking care of my friends ;-)

Lori :-) said...

But you DID get a ticket, right? I mean, just in case mine isn't the winner this weekend?

Angela said...

Actually, we do not have a ticket for this weekend. That's Brian's department and he hasn't left the house in days. :) But, I'm predicting that no one will win tonight so we'll buy our winning ticket on Wednesday.