Tuesday, November 6

did you vote today?

If not, what's your excuse? I'm out of town and I even managed it--but just barely. As previously mentioned, I didn't know about this trip until two weeks before I had to make it. I was reading the newspaper one day that week and saw an article about the election, did the math, and figured out that I'd be out of town for it. I did a search online and found an absentee ballot application. Skirting the deadline, I mailed that in and received my absentee ballot a few days later.

It was actually a pretty cool way to vote because I could research the candidates online as I was making my decisions. Not that you can't research them before you go to your polling place, but this was a lot easier--no memorization! It was a pretty boring election, though. I can see why voters get apathetic. Never fear--next year will be much more interesting.

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