Monday, November 19

ahh, the holidays

I've been trying to keep up with things this year, but I feel like I'm falling behind already. In a step to remedy this, I completed my 4th (and final) batch of Christmas cards this evening. Addressed them, too. If nothing else, at least those are ready to go.

Thanksgiving is going to be weird this year as only my parents are coming over for dinner. I keep threatening to make turkey dogs if some more people don't show up. Any volunteers? At least the house is relatively in order thanks to our glut of entertaining the past two months.

As for Christmas, I'm not done with my shopping yet! Normally, I'm done before Thanksgiving. I'll just blame this year on Thanksgiving being earlier than usual. Actually, I don't have too much left to do. There are a few things that I know I need to get but just haven't gotten around to the purchases yet. And there are a few "hard to buy for" people on the list. Regarding them, I have no idea what to do.

And then there's the mom called the other day to tell me what she's baking for Christmas. This was the same day I finally sat down and made up the Thanksgiving menu (you know, turkey dogs, sauerkraut, hot dog buns). Needless to say, I haven't made up my baking list yet. The past few years, I've only been doing three batches of cookies. But, I've also been making five batches of dog treats. These numbers seem to work for me as long as I start in early December and freeze everything. I've found that the dogs appreciate the treats way more than the people appreciate the cookies. Plus, it's not like we do a ton of entertaining over the holidays, so I'm usually left with a bunch of cookies that I have to eat. Jake does his best to help, but even he can only eat so many.

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