Thursday, October 5

lemon-thyme chicken with feta-herb salad

Continuing with this week's chicken theme...we had this for supper tonight. It was so good. I made it once before years ago and I'm not quite sure why I waited so long to make it again. I got to use a bunch of fresh (and some frozen) herbs from my garden in the preparation of this dish, so I guess this isn't something I'll be making again this year. My garden cleanup is almost done for the year. All I have left are a few herbs, my pepper plants, and a lone Brussels sprout plant. The herbs have been trimmed back, but they almost always have some growth on them (unless it is snowing); the pepper plants are still producing so I'll let them go until the frost kills them; and the Brussels sprout plant will continue growing until it gets too cold. I'm sure that will be sooner than I'd like.