Sunday, October 8

law arbor day 2006

We've been filling in the front area with hedges for what seems like forever. We were supposed to finish up last fall, but never got around to it due to our bathroom remodel. Today was a beautiful day and seemed suited to working outside, so we went to Ray's Nurseries and picked up our final 8 hedge plants. Poor Brian got stuck with all of the grunt work, but I did what I could to help. Since we haven't planted anything in two years, the new plants look tiny compared to the ones we planted previously, but they'll fill in eventually.

This just about concludes the landscaping in the front yard. The only thing that is left is a small enclosure in front of our picture window. I used to have herbs in there but I expanded my herb garden last year so I removed everything and have unsuccessfully tried to plant some shade flowers from seed in there the past two seasons. So, I'm either going to find some kind of shade-loving bulb plant or remove the mint from my herb garden and put it there (at least it will be contained if I do that).