stupor bowl

Brian and Jake went to the Steeler game today so I’ve been keeping myself busy doing all those things I never get to do (at my own pace, anyway). I got up early this morning because when Brian and Jake are up, everyone is up. I started off my day by baking two loaves of ciabatta (we’re going to be having some good sandwiches in the coming month). I always want to make ciabatta, but by the time I think about it, it’s always too late to start the sponge (which takes 2-24 hours). Luckily, I had the forethought to do this yesterday.

After doing my usual morning routine, it was time for lunch. I made a white bean and chicken salad that I really like, but the guys would never eat it, so today seemed like a good day for that recipe. After lunch, more housework. Next, it was time for the game. I watched it for a bit and it started off pretty good, but things went downhill fast, so I thought that would be a good time to grab a little nap. I slept for about 45 minutes and when I woke up, the Steelers weren’t any better off. I watched the game for a few more minutes, then had to run to Nanty Glo to let Brian’s parent’s dog out (they’re at the game, too). By the time I got home, there were only a few seconds left in the game and, of course, the Steelers had another turnover and lost the game.

This was one of the most bumbling games I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. If I counted the stats correctly, there were 8 turnovers (5 interceptions and 3 fumbles) plus a couple more fumbles that were not turnovers. Messy. This was between the two teams, of course. Anyway, I have not lost hope yet. It looks to me like the Steelers offense hasn’t clicked yet and a lot of that has to do with Roethlisburger right now (he was definitely looking like a post-Bradshaw Steeler QB today). I still think they can turn the season around, but I’m not expecting another Super Bowl win this year.