Saturday, September 2

the aristocrats

We watched this movie last night while munching on black bean dip and sipping Margaritas. This was a documentary about a joke whose punchline is "The Aristocrats". This joke has been used as an exercise by comics since the beginning of comedy. It's premise is to tell this obscene story and be funny about it. As a joke, it's not really all that funny. They talked to countless comedians who told their version of the joke. Most were just disgusting, though there were a couple of really funny ones in there. The joke was probably told close to 100 times during the course of the documentary (it seemed like it, anyway), so it was surprising that it kept our interest for the full 90 minutes of the film.

I haven't watched stand up comedy for a while, so it was interesting to see how all of the comics have aged over the years. And it was fun trying to recall their names. So, if you're into stand up, you might like this--unless you are easily offended, then you might as well forget about it.