angela and jacob’s day of fun

Brian is at the Penn State game with my dad today. Seeing that he’ll be gone most of the day, I figured I better plan some stuff for Jake and I to do. Our day started off with haircuts for the two of us in the morning. We came home and had lunch and did some chores around the house. After that, he helped me put some stuff away in the attic. I have a bad habit of piling things up in the library and there was quite a pile this time. While we were in the attic, we got out the Halloween decorations and then we decorated the house. He’s all fired up about Halloween, let me tell you.

By this point, it was time to make supper. Chicken soup was on the menu. I was hoping he’d help me cook, but the TV was more enticing. After the soup was on, I zoned out on the couch while he watched TV. After this, we ran an errand and I put the finishing touches on the soup. Right now, he’s outside playing with his neighbor buddy. And we have plans later this evening to watch a movie. The day has been quite pleasant thus far.