Saturday, August 12

social butterflies

Another party tonight. This time, it was at my manager's house. He always puts on a good party and tonight was no different. Brian was the designated driver, so I got to have a couple of Margaritas (the drink of the evening). They were pretty good. So was the tequila he had available for shots. I don't recall the name, but I remember the bottle.

There were a ton of kids there, so Jake had a great time, too. I feasted on some seafood kabobs, though burgers and dogs were available later in the evening. I made a layered dip (Mexican-style). It was another new recipe for the weekend and it turned out quite good--it's a keeper for sure.

We hung out there for a few hours and then headed home to do some work (we're all about work around here--at least I am). The dogs needed walked and wine needed racked, so we took care of that and now I'm sitting around waiting for bedtime. I have a feeling it's going to be soon.