Sunday, August 6

got mp3s?

I ordered a cd player and an external cd changer for my new ride. Brian and I installed them yesterday. The cd changer resides in the cargo area, so that presented a bit of a challenge as we wanted to hide the wire that leads to the stereo at the front of the vehicle. You'd have thought Brian has installed 100's of changers the way he tackled this job. It went way more smoothly than I could've imagined.

Next up was the stereo. Brian had to run some errands after installing the changer (and he took Jake with him), so that gave me an opportunity to solder all of the wires from the stero to the harness adapter without being interrupted constantly. That didn't take very long, so I went out to my vehicle, ripped out the dash, and started to install the dash conversion kit. At this point Brian and Jacob returned and we finished up the job after supper. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. The only bad thing that occurred is that the cover for the passenger seatbelt warning light came off at some point and we can't find the darned thing anywhere. I mean, it has to be in the car somewhere, but I think it must've fallen into the open dash. So, the first opportunity we get, we're going to have to open some things up and see if we can find it. Otherwise, we'll have to go to the Toyota garage for a replacement because I haven't been able to find the part online. I'm sure it'll probably cost all of $2, but I'd rather just find the original.

I did the calculations on the cd changer and if we load up all 12 disks with mp3s, we could drive to San Francisco and back and then back to San Francisco and not listen to the same song twice. Plus, there'd still be 9 hours of music left over. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not going to have to listen to the radio anymore. And, I don't miss my Scion's six disk changer quite as much as I did a week ago.