Sunday, August 20

a busy weekend

On Friday night, we invited Brian's aunt and uncle over for dinner. So, this left me cooking all of Thursday evening and Friday afternoon again this week (not that I'm complaining--I'm just saying). Our dishwasher got quite a workout this weekend. Anyway, we had a nice visit--I always enjoy talking to the two of them.

For not having any plans, Saturday turned out to be pretty busy. I got up, started washing clothes, and then we ran out to Somerset to check out a farmer's market they have at the Georgian Place. Brian's boss's in-laws have a stand there so we bought some of their stuff (lamb, chicken, and eggs). I'm looking forward to trying everything--especially the lamb. It's all organic and whatnot, so it was a bit pricey, but I like supporting local farmers when I can. And, I prefer that my meat isn't full of hormones and antibiotics. Yech.

After we got home, Brian took Jake to get a haircut and I ran to Toys R Us to buy a gift for one of Jake's friends who was having a birthday party that afternoon. When we all got back home, we had lunch, I continued to wash clothes, and then Brian ran Jake to the party while I baked communion bread for a special service they were having today at our church. While Jake was at his party, Brian did some computer work, I took a nap, and then made up the grocery list. After we picked Jake up, we went grocery shopping, and then made supper.

In the evening, I helped Jake make cards for my dad's, mom's, and grandmother's birthday party, which we went to today. I also put away all of the clothes I washed throughout the day, read a packet of information that Jake's school sent, and did some general straightening up. It rained all evening, so I never got to work outside yesterday, but I did manage to walk the dogs between rain showers.

As I mentioned, we had a bunch of birthdays in my family recently. They were all celebrated at my parent's house today where my mom cooked a delicious dinner. I went outside after we got home and finished cleaning all of the garlic that's been curing in Brian's shop for the past couple of weeks. I then came in and made us some sandwiches for supper, ordered some garlic to plant in the fall, started blogging, walked the dogs, and finished blogging. So, here I am, and it's almost 9pm--time to watch HBO.