Wednesday, July 12

it's a july miracle

It's been so long since I've written about our bathroom project, that you probably thought it was done. But, it's not. There just hasn't been anything to talk about on my end until now. My bathroom vanity is finally complete! I spent 10 days finishing the drawers (2 coats of shellac, 9 coats of varnish) and Brian did the final assembly and added the hardware this evening. I don't quite have everything put away yet, but it'll be done soon enough. I was pleased to find out that there's enough room for everything I need to store in the bathroom.

Now all that's left is a new door, a little trim, and a new hamper. I've finally convinced Brian that there's not enough time to build everything for the house, so we're going to buy the door. He'll kick out the trim some weekend this summer. As for the hamper, it's still up in the air--if I can find one I like, I'll buy it.