Sunday, July 16

how not to kill a bug

I meant to post about this a few months ago when it happened, but never got around to it. I thought about it the other day and decided that I should post it for posterity's sake.

It must've been a weekend or a day off work because all three of us were home. Jake went upstairs to do something while Brian was working on his computer at the dining room table and I was sitting on the couch reading. Jake came downstairs and told us that he killed a bug. That was cool with us because that's generally what we do when we see a bug in the house.

So, I'm sitting there doing my thing and Brian's doing his when Brian said something to me. I looked his way and thought I saw a drop of water fall from the ceiling. So, I kept looking over that way and eventually saw another drop of water fall. I looked on the floor and a small puddle was forming. Alarmed, I told Brian about this and we ran upstairs to find out what was leaking. We were figuring it was the toilet upstairs because it had leaked before. It was not--everything in the bathroom seemed to be in order. Then we noticed a bunch of water on the floor in the corner outside the bathroom. Long story short, Jacob killed the bug by drowning it in a few cups of water. We didn't give him too much grief (mostly because we were relieved that it wasn't a plumbing disaster). But, Brian did give him some sage advice: don't use fire to kill bugs, either.