Tuesday, July 4

the 4th

We didn't do anything exciting for the holiday. Unlike the rest of America, Brian and I both worked yesterday. Jake wasn't feeling well yesterday or today, so that put a cap on a few minor plans we did have.

So, we spent today like any other Saturday--working on the house. Tuesday has to be the worst day of the week to have off. I've taken a lot of days off in my time and I rarely pick a Tuesday for a single day off unless I am forced to. By the time Friday rolls around, it will have felt like I worked a full week. But, I digress. This afternoon, Brian did a project that has been on his "to do" list for a while--he fixed a plumbing leak in the basement. We've had a pipe that has been dripping (albeit very, very slowly) for a couple of years. I've been wanting to call a plumber. He hasn't. So, he finally fixed it today and now I can stop complaining about it. As far as plumbing jobs go, this went better than most--we were only without water for about 90 minutes.

Brian also worked on the window flower boxes that he's building for the shed. In other shed news, I planted some hostas around it and then mulched the whole area. It looks nice. And, I got to use up the extra mulch that's been sitting around since April.

The weather hasn't been good for much these past few weeks, but apparently it has been good for the garden. My garden has exploded in the past week or two. In fact, we ate from it for both lunch and supper today. We had some chicken salad for lunch (using lettuce from the garden) and a side of sugar snap peas with our kielbasa and hamburgers at supper.

Brian also spent a few hours on graphic design work and I made another batch of wine. It was a pretty productive day.

A bunch of other things went on, but that's all of the major stuff. I'm not sure why, but going to that concert on Friday night totally threw my weekend off. I spent Saturday and Sunday getting caught up on things, so it was kind of nice to have today off to do some of the things I've been wanting to do.