Saturday, June 24

party in the valley

I guess it was more of a party on the hill kind of day, but whatever--the title goes better with this weekend's theme. We were invited to two parties today. We must be popular. Or something.

Our first party of the day was thunder-themed. Jake's babysitter and her husband throw a Thunder in the Valley party each year. The husband is a biker and they have the party so that all of their biker friends can have a good meal before going downtown to enjoy the festivities (rather than having to buy the overpriced food downtown). We hung out there for a few hours and then headed home to feed the dogs and let them out before our next party.

The next party was at my boss's house. He's thrown quite a few parties in the past few years and they're always a blast. It doesn't matter what time you show up--you're guaranteed to have some fun. Unfortunately, I was this evening's designated driver, so I didn't have as much fun as I sometimes do, but it was still a good time. He made a couple of recipes from my repertoire this evening and I even helped with some of the cooking.

After that party, we came home and walked the dogs (exercise, exercise, each and every day) and then got ready to go downtown to check out a band. Unfortunately, the band we went to see wasn't playing (as it turns out, Brian had the wrong stage earmarked for the event), but we still had a good time checking out all of the people and bikes. Then we headed home because it was time for a drink.