Thursday, June 22

jobs & dogs

I've been full-time for a little over a week and already it sucks. Actually, the days I work at home aren't too bad because I get off at 3:30, which is only 30 minutes later than I used to get off work, but the days I go to the office, I'm there till 5:00 and that really sucks. I know I'm not going to get any sympathy from anyone, but I feel better for having complained. Plus, I'm freaking tired all of the time because I have to get up an hour earlier. It's like I moved to another time zone or something. I guess I'll adjust to it sooner or later. To top things off, I'm technically only working 32 hours a week for the first four weeks of my foray into full-time because I've (coincidentally) scheduled a day off for the first three weeks and then there's the 4th of July... So, I guess this is a good way to ease into things, though it doesn't feel like I'm easing into anything, even with the days off.

The dogs are doing pretty well. Lizzy finally stopped her constant sneering at Alice. And, you can tell that Lizzy is more relaxed around her, so I'm no longer worrying about whether they'll get along or not. Lizzy was still pretty crabby on Saturday. Unfortunately for her, I started watching the Dog Whisperer a few weeks ago, so I picked up some tips. I wouldn't say she's the perfect dog, but she's much improved since I started using his techniques. I'm truly amazed. Plus, I've been exercising the crap out of them. Daily walks for everyone. I'm sure this was a key to my success. Brian is not always available to walk the dogs with me, so a lot of times, I have to take one of the dogs for a walk, then the other. I wasn't counting on all of this exercise. I suppose it won't hurt me, though it might be a contributing factor to my exhaustion. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the new addition to our family.