Friday, June 16


It's been a doggy kind of week. I ended up taking yesterday off because I couldn't get an appointment with the groomer and the vet at a decent time. Not that I'm complaining. But, at least the house doesn't stink anymore. And, it doesn't take much to twist my arm into taking a day off.

Even though Alice snores like a drunk guy who smokes, we've been letting her sleep in our bedroom (Lizzy sleeps in Jake's room). At first, the snoring kept me up, but then I learned to live with it.

The thing I like about her the most is that I have to wake her up in the mornings. That's a new experience for me. This is what she looks like when she sleeps. How cute is that? Too bad I can't attach a sound file, then you could experience the snoring for yourself. It's so loud, I can barely think to type...

Alice is turning out to be my first good dog decision. Not only is she housetrained, she is probably the sweetest dog on the planet. She walks better on a leash than any of the other dogs we have owned. She already follows the "where do you go when we're eating" rule. She gets along with every creature in the house. She likes Asiago cheese, but not Fontina (there's no accounting for taste). I just can't believe that she was at the shelter for a couple of months. Everyone who passed her up was evidently nuts.

Not unexpectedly, Lizzy was less than thrilled with her new sister. She hasn't been that bad, but I've been keeping a close eye on things because Lizzy and Ripley had the occasional fracas and that is something I'd rather not repeat. We've been exercising the dogs daily because a tired dog is a good dog. I'll take this as a good sign.