Friday, June 9

the backdoor cafe

Tonight we blew an equivalent of a week's worth of grocery money on dinner. And, it was worth it. I'd been wanting to check out the Back Door Cafe for quite a while now. I decided that it would be the perfect place to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this month. While our anniversary isn't until the end of the month, Jake was scheduled to stay at my parent's this evening, so we decided tonight would be the perfect time to go out.

We were forewarned that their portions were small. How small? Well, I had to choke back a giggle when they put down my plate of "assorted cheese and olives". I was picturing these big wedges of cheese and a little bowl of olives. Instead, the plate had four little cheese cubes and five olives on it. Unfortunately, it was so good, that I would pay the exorbitant price to have it again. Shortly thereafter, our dinners arrived, and I received the best compliment of the night when Brian dug into his Veal Saltimbocca and exclaimed, "This tastes like something you'd make at home!" Now, I'm hardly comparing myself to a chef, but I do cook. A lot. I've been known to follow a recipe or two in my day. So, being that we were at such a nice restaurant, it was cool to hear.

Actually, this was one of the best restaurants I've been to. Anywhere. Ever. They had great service--the chef even came out and talked to everyone, etc. I feel that all of that is part of the price. It was good entertainment, anyway. Definitely a "dining experience."

Just to let you know how small the portions were, I ordered dessert. I probably wouldn't have, but they had creme brulee on the menu. I've never had it, but have been wanting to try it so this seemed like a good time to do so (it's not every day that we're going to eat at the Back Door Cafe). It was excellent, too. Everything we had was terrific.

And, since we were there for our anniversary (they asked), they gave us two chocolate truffles as a parting gift. I can't wait to sink my teeth into those tomorrow. The portions might be small, but I'm still full. So maybe the issue is that it is the perception that the portions are small because they normally give you too much food in restaurants.

I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining about their prices, because I'm not. They had quite a few reasonably priced items on the menu. It's just that we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary, so we ordered whatever we wanted for our food and drink. This kind of thing doesn't happen every day. I'd like to go back there sometime and either stop in the bar for a drink or try some of their other (less expensive) items. But, this is definitely not a place where you'd want to take the kid, so it could be a while till we go back there.

Anyway, we had a great time this evening and the restaurant gets my highest recommendation.